STEPS is a multi-purpose, management information system designed to manage, track and report on various Governance Items in ONE integrated solution;

Members, assets, personnel, contracts, deliveries, vehicles, management processes, appointments, documents, risks, incidents, suppliers, support enquiries (call centers), …. AND almost any other item that you can imagine!


STEPS can be configured to accommodate each organisation's unique requirements.

The system grows with your organisation. Additional features can be added without re-developing the core modules.


Multiple modules and functions are integrated and linked to one centralised database.

No need for expensive custom integrations. Each module ties in seemlessly with the rest.

EASY [Step-by-Step]

Quick to implement and easy to use. Designed so that end users follow a step-by-step approach to accomplish each task. 

End users work productively and minimal support is required. 

How it works

The following diagram illustrates on a high level how any item can be tracked and managed over a period of time


The system keeps track of an item's status and users receive notifications when the status change or a milestone reached or missed.

Stakeholders have a real-time view of all tracked items and can take immediate action when due dates are missed.


You can upload and link supporting documentation for each item.

When additional information is linked directly to each item and stored in one place, users work more productively without switching between applications.


Items are allocated and reminders sent automatically to designated personnel for quick resolution.

Workload can be distributed evenly and segregation of duties applied, to pass your next audit with flying colors.


Prioritised task lists that escalate to higher authority if not completed in the required time frames, are created for each user.

Users receive reminders to complete their tasks and a culture of high performance is instilled.


Users can send SMS (texting) or Email notifications and keep track of all messages in a correspondence registry.

Historical information is immediately available without switching between applications.


Check lists can be customised to ensure that tasks are completed in accordance with set standards.

When quality of work is regulated and monitored, service levels improve and your organisation gains an unfair advantage over competitors.


Many tasks and procedures can be automated through a task scheduler to reduce manual work.

Automated tasks require less effort and are more accurate.


Modules that are unique to your business can be developed and plugged into the system without re-developing the core system.

The system may grow with your business and you WILL save cost, time and money.


A history of all correspondence, documentation and updates are stored in one place for easy access.

Select an item and view all messages, documents and changes related to that item. Fast access to data without manual intervention is possible.

Most businesses that rely on electronic management systems realise the importance of one system that serves as the foundation for all other integrated solutions. This is what STEPS aims to provide – a framework that forms the cornerstone for various integrated solutions and a stable platform for future development.

Click on the thumbnails below to view larger images that illustrates the general look and feel of the system.

The following solutions are powered by the STEPS framework, but have been customised for specific industries. Imagine how the system will work when customised with YOUR unique business requirements.


STEPS can be used to manage enquiries and complaints received through a call centre. You can allocate tasks, send confirmations, escalate overdue cases, store supporting documentation...

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Use STEPS to create a comprehensive members database and manage contracts, enquiries, disciplinary cases, certifications, training...

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24Gate Keeper

Use a smart phone or tablet to monitor visitor access, notify personnel, detect stolen items like laptops. Experience a real time view of visitors in your building.

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